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Parts Suppliers Diversify Michigan's diverse community of capable automotive suppliers are looking to new industries for future growth. When the automotive industry hit hard times in the fall of 2008, many companies began looking to other industries for opportunities. Imperial was already working with a number of prominant aerospace companies to supply service parts. Learn how Imperial Metals and other companies have worked to create opportunities with customers in the aerospace industry.
On-Shoring Trend According to the Wall Street Journal, major US manufacturing companies such as Caterpiller and General Electric are reversing the trend of off-shoring by bringing manufacturing capacity back to the U.S. and by sourcing more programs to domestic suppliers.
Lean Manufacturing Our commitment to Lean Manufacturing insures that we never stop looking for ways to improve. We developed our smart cell manufacturing capabilities to deliver low cost and high quality solutions for our customers.
Six Sigma Quality Our customers expect us to deliver Six Sigma quality on time, every time. Our skilled team of engineers, machinists, and operators take great pride in our quality system and exceptional track record of performance.


Welcome to Imperial Metal Products

We manufacture and assemble millions of precision parts annually in our 110,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. We are experts in precision machining and processing. Our processes include screw machines, CNC mills, CNC lathes, Swiss-style CNC, bending, broaching, drilling, tapping, grinding and finishing. We also provide automated cellular manufacturing for our high volume customers. This highly automated solution combines multiple processes in a short cycle time with high quality and a competitive price. We serve the aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, heavy truck, office furniture and industrial product markets.

Our advanced ERP system delivers great planning and visibility to our production schedule, making it easy for us to communicate with our customers at every step in the process. Our EDI capabilities insure our customers can efficiently communicate release information electronically. We take great pride in our ability to create cost-effective manufacturing solutions for our customers.

Call or email us today to learn more about partnering with Imperial.  616-452-1700

Program Management

Our customers demand hassle-free launch. Our program management discipline delivers. From APQP to PPAP we keep our customers informed and we meet our commitments on time.

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Quality System

Just-in-Time Delivery

Many of our customers take advantage of our warehousing services to reduce lead times and improve supply chain flow.

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Statistical Process Control

Using a variety of tools, we develop control plans specific to our customer's critical to quality characteristics.

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Promoting continuous learning and improvement.

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